Warrington Borough Council invests and expands its West Warrington primary school provision

Warrington Borough Council (WBC) has announced further details of its major investment programme to expand the primary school facilities for schools in West Warrington.

The aim of the programme is ultimately to increase the number of available school places within the area and is a proactive response to the ongoing monitoring of social data, including for example new housing development, current demand on and the condition of schools and the expected lifespan of each school in the area.

A key element of WBCs programme is to meet the needs of student needs into the future with the creation of a brand new, state of the art school building on the Omega South site, which will replace the current school buildings on Barrow Hall Lane.

A planning application was submitted in early February 2015, and subject to consultation and approval, construction on the new Barrow Hall Primary School buildings will start on site in late Summer 2015 with completion expected in time for the existing and new pupils to move in to the new building at the start of term in September 2016.

The relocated school will remain as Barrow Hall Primary School and the name, ethos, pupils, staff, logos and uniform will remain the same and not change.

Other supporting elements of the programme have already commenced. These include increasing and expanding provisions at St Phillip (Westbrook) CE Primary and Chapelford Village Primary.

In total seventy five school places are being created in this phase which will comprise an additional fifteen places at the new Barrow Hall School, thirty at St Philips and thirty at Chapelford. A second stage may be implemented if demand continues to rise which would potentially include expanding another two schools in the area.

By vacating the Barrow Hall Lane site traffic issues in this immediate area are also expected to be improved. Traffic will also be further eased once the Junction 8 improvement works are completed and when Skyline Drive is fully open in autumn 2015 which will connect Junction 8 of the M22 with Omega Boulevard by the Royal Mail depot.