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The adopted Warrington Borough Council Local Plan Core Strategy document maintains a residential allocation on Omega South. In August 2015, an Outline Planning Application was submitted for Zone 6 (up to 1,100 new homes) and Zones 3, 4, 5 and 6E (retail, leisure, community uses and potentially new homes) – please see masterplan map. Warrington Borough Council’s planning committee passed a resolution to grant permission for this application in May 2016.

The site benefits from excellent links to the North West and new residential development will be complemented by access to a new 35 acres Green Heart (see Green Heart page).

Opportunities for housebuilders:

In late May 2016, Warrington Borough Council’s planning committee ‘minded to grant’ planning permission for the Outline Planning Application submitted in September 2015.

OWL will be marketing the residential plots to housebuilders on a formal tender basis shortly.

For more information of planning applications you can visit the planning pages.

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