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Green Heart

A key marketing benefit to all commercial and residential occupants of Omega will be a high quality landscape network which will account for 30% of the overall area of Omega South. This includes a new 35 acres Green Heart, central park and woodland landscape which can serve as a convenient amenity adjacent to the commercial and residential areas. This will be delivered in the next four years.

Activities such as running, cycling and dog walking will be supported by this high quality landscape setting.

Key features of the landscape and wildlife approach include:

  • 30% of the overall site area to be set aside for landscape and ecological infrastructure
  • Significant creation of new landscapes
  • woodland & scrub (8.3ha/ 20 acres)
  • wetlands/ponds & swales (8.37ha/ 20 acres)
  • new hedgerows (13.75km/ 9 miles)
  • 28.12 ha (69 acres) of existing habitat to be retained/ enhanced
  • Focus on a central ‘Green Heart’ landscape
  • Comprehensive landscape management strategy

If you would like to view the landscape masterplan in full, please click here.

Taking care of ecology and the community

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