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Leisure, retail & community uses

With so many new business premises and new homes being proposed, it will be vital to provide complementary facilities which the new Omega community, as well as the wider existing community, can use. With this in mind, it is proposed that there will be new retail, leisure and community facilities provided next to the new Green Heart. (See landscape & wildlife page for more information on the Green Heart).

What is proposed?

This is likely to include a local supermarket, neighbourhood shops, restaurants, cafes, a hotel, an extra care centre for the elderly and may also include further community facilities. Construction has already completed for the new primary school on Omega South which, now open, provides a larger home for Barrow Hall Lane Primary School.

Exactly what will be provided, in terms of leisure, retail and community uses, is not yet decided as proposals are still in the early stages. OWL needs to make sure that the complementary facilities are right for the development coming forward on the whole of the site and can be delivered at the right time to serve the businesses and new residents.


To help develop a planning application for these uses on the remainder of Omega South, public consultation on proposals was undertaken in May/ June 2015 – you can view these on the  consultation page.

As you will see from the planning page, a planning application for new homes along with retail, leisure and community uses was submitted at the end of August 2015 and approved by Warrington Borough Council’s planning committee in May 2016.  The outline plans only show the type and amount of development rather than what this would look like or the detail of layout, which will be subject to more detailed planning applications further down the line.