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A strategic North West site

Omega has been identified as a major development opportunity site with the potential to deliver significant economic, environmental and social benefits, for Warrington and the surrounding area. As such, the site is considered to be of regional, national and international significance. Warrington Borough Council’s adopted Local Plan Core Strategy document* maintains this position. It also adds to what development is considered appropriate on the site.

*The planning policy document for Warrington which outlines what type of development should be delivered where in the borough.

About the Masterplan

The Masterplan provides an outline of the nature of development proposed on the site, showing where certain types of buildings are proposed to be located, how these plots will be accessed, and the approach to landscaping and the environment.

It does not provide detail on design and as a whole, it has no formal planning policy status; instead, each of the phases within it were submitted as separate planning applications and approved within their own rights. The Masterplan itself has been approved by Warrington Borough Council’s Cabinet and acts as a formally approved template for applications as they come forward.

Nonetheless, all of the phases now have outline planning permission – you can visit the planning page for more information.

Why has the Masterplan changed?

A Masterplan was initially proposed in 2003 but various changes have been made to this over the years. Originally, this included logistics space on Omega North and a phase of office development on part of Omega South.

Most of the logistics space on Omega North has now been completed but due to the worldwide economic recession and changing business demands / space requirements, the plans for Omega South have been re-tailored to meet modern day and future business needs. As a result, parcels of land have been allocated for residential, mixed uses, a school and more logistics and manufacturing space. The larger part of the original planning consent, a significant 900,000sq ft of office space remains unchanged.  Please view the various tabs under ‘Masterplan’ to find out more information on each land use.

The vision for Omega remains the same: To bring forward the development as a centre of regional significance attracting business and employment on a local, regional and national basis.

Omega South Masterplan

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