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For such a large site as Omega, it is important for Omega Warrington Ltd (OWL), landowners the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), and especially neighbouring residents and businesses, that the site is managed well. All are committed to being responsible neighbours within the community.

Until sites are developed, they remain owned by the HCA which has responsibility for their management.

OWL Management

To manage land that is under development, OWL has set up a series of management companies which will safeguard the sites now, during construction and ongoing as the new businesses, homes and other facilities are fully in use.

As part of the management company, OWL has appointed Colliers International to oversee the Omega site on a daily basis as part of a formal ‘Management Standards Agreement’ contract.

In summary however, the following elements will fall under the responsibility of the Management Company:

  • Cycling/cycleways/pavements within the site
  • Car parking – on site and clearance of construction vehicles from local roads
  • Traffic – safe and controlled traffic system and implementation of appropriate speed limits within Omega for all road and pedestrian users
  • Building work – compliance with construction rules and regulations and planning obligations
  • Drainage and water mains – ongoing maintenance
  • Lighting – installation, maintenance and prevention of light pollution
  • Signage – erection and ongoing maintenance
  • Landscaping – maintenance of all public areas around the site
  • Building Services – provision of staff and management of repairs
  • Pollution/Debris – provision of wheel wash facilities on site and mud clearance from local roads
  • Materials/Deliveries/Storage/Waste Disposal
  • Environmental – monitoring any pollution (light, noise, air) and management of this plus protection of designated wildlife areas
  • Security – guards on site plus CCTV policy and procedures including anti-social behaviour
  • Damage – to property on site or off site if this is caused by contractors or businesses on Omega

If there are any issues experienced in relation to any of the above matters, local people can report this directly to Colliers International to explore and resolve on behalf of OWL. The management company will ensure that any work will be carried out with the minimum inconvenience to neighbouring or adjacent properties.

Site management enquiries for land not yet being developed (HCA):

Julie McGonigle
Estates Manager
Homes and Communities Agency
Tel: 01925 644620


Site management enquiries for land under development (OWL):

Julia Ruddock
Colliers International (Site managers for OWL)
Tel: 0161 831 3307
Mobile: 07795 010213



Jane Luff
Colliers International
Tel: 0161 831 3309
Mobile: 07824 356298