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Our Commitment

A great deal of construction has already been undertaken on both Omega North and Omega South and Omega Warrington Ltd (OWL) is committed to keeping disruption for local people to a minimum.

When it appoints its contractors, OWL demands a high quality approach to construction. This relates not only to activities on site but to contractors’ behaviour outside of the construction site and impacts on local neighbours e.g. hours of operation, health and safety, cleanliness on local roads or construction traffic management etc.

All construction activities must comply with conditions set out as part of the planning process and guidance provided within the ‘Considerate Constructors Scheme’, which all of OWL’s contractors are registered with.

For more information on this scheme click here.

Information on contracts underway

OWL’s contractors are committed to being responsible neighbours within the local community. However should you experience any issues related to construction, you can contact the contractors directly below.

Contracts on site Work Completion contractor Contact no
Construction of new footpath/bridleway Construction of approximately 550m new footpath/bridleway over Wrights Lane. February 2017 D Morgan 01513398113
Construction of Omega South Infrastructure Phase R2 Approximately 400m of  new road linking the recently constructed Sophia Drive to the Lingley Green Avenue/Whittle Green Avenue roundabout.  The new road opens up land for the first phase of residential development on Omega South. April 2017 I & H Brown Limited 01925 446699
Domino Pizza Group (DPG) Construction of a dough manufacturing facility for DPG on Omega South which is the plot immediately to the east of ASDA fronting Skyline Drive and the M62. July 2017 Buckingham Group Contracting 01280 827247

If you feel that your enquiry has not been dealt with satisfactorily, please send the details of this to along with your contact details and this will be explored further.